Policy Paper

DFD is working on raising social awareness since 1990s. Basically we spread sharp concept of social welfare by organizing debate, development talk, research and public dialogues. As per the declaration we have got to know that, The beginning of the 21st century was started with international development priorities and practices. The adoption of the Millennium Declaration at the United Nations (UN) in 2000, and ensuing Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), committed the international community to achieving eight ambitious development objectives by 2015. Now, almost 15 years after the Millennium Declaration, a new phase for international development is about to begin, and with it an opportunity to critically assess how new development goals and milestones are likely to be shaped and delivered. DFD accomplishes many article, and the research exercises, assumes that a greater understanding of development needs and practices can better sustain a new agenda for change, and that would be a key step in this process is to identify priorities based on both new and longstanding knowledge gaps, to help orient decision-making processes and funding allocation in academia and beyond. The process of identifying research priorities needs to move beyond academia and involve a broader set of political and social stakeholders because the impact of solution-based research approaches depends on how the academic community is able to collaboratively engage with problems faced by practitioners and policy-makers.

Our Policy papers are different from the standard research papers in several respects: They are usually addressed at a non-academic audience, such as a particular official, agency, or organization however our author of the papers is research expert, development practitioners and young intellectuals. They may begin by diagnosing a particular issue or situation, and typically argue for a solution that will address that issue or situation. Basically we do focus on the description of the context and importance of the problem. Discussion of a range of policy options. We consider policy recommendation.