Chairperson’s Message

With the purpose of having a society of pure democracy and zero poverty, DFD has been striving since the 90s. Our efforts are to promote prevailing democratic culture from family to friends, and from society to states.
To achieve Zero poverty within the country, we need to address inequalities in terms of region (urban-rural divide), sex (male-female), economic status (rich-poor), education, and digital divide. This does not happen on a sudden. Therefore our tools are to provide right information to the people especially youth, the future leader.

The message is simple; we have been providing the platform to unleash potential of youth so that they can change the society logically, not magically. In this context, DFD uses only a few tools that have been proved appropriate; Debate, Dialogue, and Development Talk.

Let us strive to ensure right to information, and to reduce inequalities to achieve our goal.

Hassan Ahamed Chowdhury Kiron