We conduct debate all over the country especially organize Parliamentary Debate on development issues, develop partnership, facilitate debate workshop for School, College and University level students, provide technical assistance to government, non-government and international institutions in organizing awareness debate programmes and competitions

DFD has been organizing debate programme since 90s. We organize;
  • Traditional debate (for secondary school students)
  • Parliamentary debate (for higher secondary and university level students)
  • Fun debate (for recreation and humor but with particular message )
  • Awareness debate (on the occasion of any observance like population day, migration day, women day etc)
  • Electoral debate (on national and local election)
  • Debate workshop/ training (for students want to learn debate)

for secondary, higher secondary, and university level students. We telecast our debate programmes through national level Television Channel so that from policy makers to disadvantaged people can get the message clearly.

Facts and Figures


Secondary students took part Bitorko Bikash organized by BRAC, DFD, and ATN Bangla since 2012


Debate episodes have been aired through Television Channel


Development Practitioners, University Professors, NGO executives, Researchers, and Journalists attended DFD debate programmes


Ministers, Member of Parliament, Secretaries, and Government High Officials graced DFD debate programmes