Secondary school students took part in our Bitorko-Bikash Program.

There were more than 100000+ students participated in Bitorko –Bikash debate competition. The preliminary round was started from the very grass root level of village school under the slogan of “Inter Upazilla Bitorko-Bikash”. Whereas debaters from the underprivileged schools were got an opportunity to attend the debate competition. There were at least 50 schools from each Upazilla having a team consists of 5 members brilliantly made the Upazilla event successful. The entire “Bitorko-Bikash” was covered by the students from 470+ Upazilla ,64 Districts and 8 divisions. Elementarily the debate competition took place in Upajilla and the champion team got the chance to compete in the District level then again the champion team of Each District got the opportunity to compete in the Division level; and finally eight champion teams took part in the tournament as quarterfinalist.